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Privacy Policy

Data Recording on this Website

So who's the mastermind behind the data recording on this website? It's none other than the website specialist, the one who pulls the strings and makes things happen. You can find their contact information in the "Information about the responsible party" section. They're like the wizard behind the curtain, but with less magic and more data..

How Do We Record Your Data?

We collect your data when you generously share it with us. It's like a little gift from you to us. You might do this by filling out our contact form or engaging in the usual activity of visiting a website, by reading through web pages.

Sometimes, our IT systems get involved too. They automatically record some technical information about you, like what browser you're using, the location or your internet service provider, or when you accessed this website. It's like a digital detective story, tracking your every move. Don't worry, it's for a good cause... data.

What Are the Purposes We Use Your Data For?

We have grand plans for your data! Some of it is used to ensure the smooth operation of the website. It's like oiling the gears and keeping everything running smoothly. Other data is used to analyze your user patterns. We're not exactly sure what we'll find, but we promise it won't be boring.

What rights do you have as far as your information is concerned?

You're not just a helpless pawn in this data game. You have rights! You can demand information about your data, ask for corrections or deletions, and even throw a fit if you're not happy with how things are going. You can also complain to the supervising agency, but they might not be as entertaining as we are.

Analysis tools and tools provided by third parties We have some fancy analysis programs that may peek into your browsing patterns. They're like data detectives, trying to solve the mystery of your online behavior. But don't worry, they're just doing their job. We're not responsible for any wild theories they come up with.

Hosting and Content Delivery Networks (CDN) External Hosting

Our website is hosted by a brave and reliable external service provider. They're the ones who store all the data, like an invisible vault. Your IP addresses, contact requests, and other secret information are locked up tight on their servers. They're like the guardians of your data, keeping it safe and sound.


We have a friend called Cloudflare. They're like a global network superhero, making sure the information travels smoothly between your browser and our website. They filter out any suspicious activity, like an internet bouncer. Sometimes they use cookies and other fancy tools to keep things in check. It's all for the greater good of a safe and error-free website. We hope you don't mind their nosiness.

General information and data protection

We take data protection seriously, but we like to have a little fun too. Your personal data is treated like a secret treasure and guarded with the utmost care. We promise not to share it with anyone who doesn't have a secret handshake.

Information about the responsible party

We're the ones responsible for all this data madness. Our contact information is right here, in case you want to join the adventure or have any questions. We promise not to wear disguises when you contact us.

Storage Duration

Your data will hang around with us until we no longer need it. If you ask nicely or revoke your consent, we'll delete it like it never existed. Of course, unless there's a valid reason for us to keep it longer, we'll hold onto your data until its purpose is fulfilled. If you ever decide to break up with us and request deletion or withdraw your consent, we'll bid farewell to your data, unless we have other legal obligations to hold onto it (like those pesky tax or commercial laws). But hey, once those reasons go away, so will your data!.

Information on data transfer to the USA and other non-EU countries

You know how it is with those non-EU countries. We sometimes flirt with tools from the United States and other not-so-secure places in terms of data protection. If we get cozy with those tools, your personal data might take a trip across the ocean and get processed there. Now, we must confess, the data protection level in those countries is not as fancy as in the EU. In fact, it's like wearing socks with sandals—a bit questionable. Just so you know, U.S. companies have a thing for sharing personal data with security agencies, and sadly, you won't have a chance to sue them in court. So, there's a slight possibility that your personal data might be analyzed, scrutinized, and stored for surveillance purposes by U.S. agencies (cue dramatic music). Unfortunately, we can't control what they do with it, so please keep that in mind.

Revocation of your consent to the processing of data

We have a wide range of data processing activities that require your consent. But don't worry, you're in control here. You can break up with us anytime and revoke that consent you gave us before. Just remember, the breakup won't undo the data we collected before you said goodbye. But let's keep it friendly, alright? Your consent matters, even if you change your mind.

Right to object to data collection and direct advertising

If we're processing your personal data based on certain grounds that start with fancy-sounding letters and numbers (we're talking about Art. 6(1)(E) or (F) GDPR), you have the right to object. Yes, you heard it right! If you have a unique situation that makes you want to say, "Hey, hold your horses! I don't want my personal data processed like that!" then you can object. And that's not all—this objection applies to any profiling that comes with it. So, let your voice be heard, and let's see if we can find common ground. But wait, there's more! If we're using your personal data for direct advertising, you have the right to object to that too. No more unwanted ads for you! If you object, we promise to stop using your personal data for those sneaky advertising purposes. Fair enough?

Right to log a complaint with the competent supervisory agency

We know no one likes rule-breakers, especially when it comes to GDPR violations. So, if we happen to slip up and violate the GDPR, you have the right to play superhero and log a complaint with a supervisory agency. You can take a stand, even if you're wearing a cape or not. This right is yours, no matter where you live or work. You can complain, and we'll take it seriously, regardless of any other legal stuff happening in the background. We respect your power to speak up!

Right to data portability

Did you know you can demand that we hand over all the juicy info we've been processing automatically? Whether it's because you consented to it or we're fulfilling a contract, you have the right to snatch it up. And we'll deliver it to you or your favorite third party in a nifty, machine-readable format. If you prefer a direct transfer to another controller, we'll do our best to make it happen (as long as it's technically feasible, of course).

SSL and/or TLS encryption

Lock it up, baby! We take your security seriously, which is why we've employed SSL or TLS encryption to protect your confidential stuff. Next time you're sending us a purchase order or an inquiry, keep an eye out for the magic transformation of the address line from "http://" to "https://" and a cheeky lock icon in your browser. With this encryption wizardry, those nosy third parties won't have a clue about what you're transmitting to us. Mum's the word!

Information about, rectification and eradication of data

Curious about your personal data? We've got you covered! At any time, you can demand the lowdown on your archived info—where it came from, who's seen it, and why we're even bothering with it. And hey, if you spot any errors, feel free to give us a nudge so we can fix 'em up. If you have more burning questions about personal data, hit us up anytime. We're here to spill the beans!

Right to demand processing restrictions

Whoa, slow down the data train! If you want to put the brakes on how we process your personal data, just say the word. Reach out to us whenever you please, and we'll make sure to heed your request. We're all about restrictions in these cases:

You're having a friendly dispute with us about the accuracy of your data. We'll play detective, but while we're at it, we'll limit how we process your personal info.

When we're done with your personal data, but you still need it to fight the good fight, defend yourself, or claim your rightful place in the legal world, you can demand restrictions instead of deletion.

If you've raised an objection under Art. 21(1) GDPR and we're stuck in a rights tug-of-war, we'll respect your wishes and restrict the processing until the dust settles. Once you've imposed restrictions, we'll keep your data under lock and key (except for the archiving part) unless we have your consent or there's a legal reason for us to keep snooping around. Don't worry, we're just trying to balance the GDPR universe.

Cookie Notice & Compliance: The Gatekeeper of Consent!

Welcome to our delightful realm of cookie consent, where we've enlisted the help of Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR. This fancy technology is here to ensure we play by the rules and get your nod for certain cookies and tech wizardry. And guess what? It's all happening right here on our servers, so no wild third-party connections!

To make this consent dance happen, Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR sneaks a cookie into your browser. It's like a VIP pass, keeping track of your granted consent and even your "Oops, take it back!" moments. But don't worry, this cookie isn't a marathon runner—it chills out for a month before bidding farewell. And hey, your data? We'll keep it around until you say "Sayonara," bid adieu to the consent cookie yourself, or when the purpose of archiving is no more. Of course, we'll respect any mandatory retention periods because, well, rules are rules.

So, let's raise a cookie-filled toast to Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR, the superhero of consent! It's making sure we've got our legal ducks in a row and, most importantly, that you're in control. Cheers to Art. 6(1)(c) GDPR, the magical legal basis that keeps the cookie consent show running!

Harnessing the Power of Social Media Plug-ins with Shariff

Welcome to our digital realm, where we embrace the dynamic influence of social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google. These plug-ins seamlessly intertwine with our website and pages, amplifying the online experience.

Easily recognizable by their iconic social media logos, these plug-ins signify a gateway to enhanced connectivity. However, safeguarding your data is our utmost priority. Enter the illustrious "Shariff" solution, a fortress of digital protection. Through this ingenious application, we ensure that these integrated plug-ins abstain from transferring data to their respective providers upon your arrival on our virtual domain.

A direct communion with the provider's server awaits your initiation, triggered by your discerning click on the affiliated button, representing your informed consent. Once the plug-in awakens, the provider is notified of your IP address and your pilgrimage to our website. Should you find yourself simultaneously logged into your social media haven (such as Facebook), the provider gracefully links your visit to your esteemed user account, forging a personalized connection.

In accordance with the eminent Art. 6(1)(a) GDPR, the activation of these plug-ins represents a profound declaration of consent. Your autonomy remains intact as you retain the power to withdraw this consent at any time, cascading its effect over all forthcoming transactions.

Together, we navigate the digital landscape, combining the forces of social media plug-ins with the protective embrace of Shariff. Embrace the potential, and let your journey unfold amidst the realms of online connectivity.

Analyzing User Patterns with WordPress Statistics

Jetpack for WordPress harnesses advanced technologies like never before, allowing us to gain invaluable insights into visitor behavior and optimize your online adventures. By leveraging cookies and device fingerprinting, we're able to track and understand your every move. Log files reveal fascinating details, from referrers to IP addresses and browsers, painting a vivid picture of your interactions with our website. We even capture information about the geographical origins of our visitors, down to the country and city level.

Rest easy, dear user, for your privacy is our top priority. The data we collect through Jetpack for WordPress is securely stored on servers stationed in the United States. But fear not, your identity remains hidden from prying eyes as we anonymize your IP address before storing the information.

Our utilization of this remarkable analysis tool is rooted in the principles of Art. 6(1)(f) GDPR, driven by our unwavering dedication to understanding your browsing patterns and enhancing your web experience. And should we ever request your explicit consent, such as for the storage of cookies, know that we abide by the sacred laws of Art. 6(1)(a) GDPR, and you hold the power to revoke your agreement at any time.

Embrace the wonders of our website, knowing that Jetpack for WordPress empowers us to navigate the vast digital landscape with precision. Unleash your curiosity, explore freely, and embark on a truly exceptional online journey, where data privacy and your satisfaction take center stage.