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Portland SEO Specialist Reviews

Wondering about the SEO & Web Design Services we provide?

What are people saying? Do they do good work? Yes we do, but don't just take our word for it. Read reviews and what people are saying about our brilliant SEO & Web Design Services here:

Starting out in Portland as an Creative Staffing Agency we have been able to move into other markets including New York, California and Washington. With a focus on new markets Greg portland-seo-brooks-gilley has been able to use search engine optimization to help us move up and expand our business into new territories.
- Brooks

Angie's List has been working great for years for bringing in new clients from the internet, but Google is a whole new thing. I'm starting to gain just as many clients per month from Google Maps for free vs. AngiesList.com for $350.00 per month. - Kevin


The Best Portland SEO Expert! Extremely knowledgeable in the legal field. Greg was always one step ahead and knew exactly what we needed to do in order to gain SEO traction. Excellent communication and service!
- Marcy


I highly recommend Greg Beddor for his search engine and IT services. He is by far the kindest and most pleasant person I have ever hired to help my business with its online presence. My site had gone mostly off the radar on searches for various reasons and Greg knew what to do to get it back showing up on searches. This translated into calls and online searchability. If you, like me, feel like the whole world of SEO can feel like the wild West, please look no further. Greg is a capable, nice, honorable hard working man of integrity!
- Laura


I've been working with Greg on search engine optimization for the past few years and couldn't be more pleased. Hportland-seo-samanthae does an incredible job of meeting our company's needs, and helping us to grow in success. We've seen some amazing returns, and would not hesitate to recommend him to any company, or individual!
- Samantha


We've actually gained more traction working with Greg in one year than working with another local SEO company over the course of two years! In an industry full of search engine marketing portland-seo-dan-paige-revicompanies who say they can get your website ranked in the top 5, Greg Beddor is one of the actual experts that can handle the task. He truly knows local and organic SEO. I've used his optimization services on several law firm website marketing projects and my clients have been very impressed with the results.
- Dan

SEO website marketing that works! Greg is not your average web guy, I've been working with him for over 4 years now and he continually never ceases to amaze me with his online marketing skills!
- Stacey

Greg has been great to work witben-colliander-seo-reviewh. The first time we spoke with him we knew we were dealing with a professional who understood his field. The results we have achieved further that belief.
- Ben

Greg's SEO work on my real estate website has been very helpful. I'd recommend his services to anyone who wants to increase their online presence. We are starting a second business that Greg will portland-seo-rogerbe doing some SEO work for. The results "speak" to us in profitability!
- Roger


We were in the market for an SEO expert. I did a google search in my area and Greg's company came up on the top of Google. We have worked with Greg and his team for about 7 months now and are extremely pleased with their work, the results, and professionalism.
- Doug

We get SEO sales people calling our business every day trying to sell us a new website or rankings in search engines. Like most business owners I assume, we say no thanks! Greg was referred to us by another business owner we are friends with, and I couldn't be happier with the seo services he has delivered.
- Rob K.

I was introduced to Greg several years ago when one of my friends referred him, saying she got Google Top 3 results for "Little Black Dress" - proof is in the results. Greg provides SEO advisory service to my publishing company and continually improves our rankings in hundreds of words. Excellent service and excellent results for small and large companies alike.
- Michelle

A motivated self starter with a myriad of skills to offer any organization. Greg is also a great communicator with a toolbox teeming with creative ideas for online marketing and business promotion. I would definitely recommend Greg the Portland SEO Specialist for any company looking to grow with search engine marketing and advance to the next level of their business.
-- Amber

Greg is seriously one of the most prolific Internet Marketers I know. His in-depth knowledge of organic SEO, web trends and marketing tools have put him at the top of our profession. He has taught me everything I know about online marketing and continues to blow me away with his expertise and candid know-how.
-- Brian

If you're looking for exposure through search engines, especially Google, Greg is the man to talk to! He knows the ins and outs of what it really takes to get high page ranking and has the tools to get your site to the top of the list.
-- Joel


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