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Between showing buyers property for sale, open houses and floor duty – most real estate agents stay busy without ever touching their websites. But in an internet age with real estate brokers and real estate companies dominating Google Local, Google Adwords and the other search engines it can be really hard for a single agent to break through.

Using Google sitemaps for part of your Search Engine Optimization Strategy and displaying the MLS listings in a search engine friendly way is key for professional real estate websites but it’s not enough. For tough real estate sectors (including Oregon & Hawaii) its important to have a broad online marketing campaign that includes social media seo, search engine optimization, real estate portals, link building, local optimization and a solid presence in real estate social networks such as and Zillow.

Combined together we offer SEO and Social Media Marketing Services for Hawaii & Oregon Real Estate Companies.

If you’re interested in a comprehensive yet affordable internet marketing plan for your real estate business, call or click here to contact us.

Expert Real Estate SEO by Greg Beddor

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