Hello, my name is Greg Beddor, and I am a web designer, e-commerce developer, online marketing consultant, etc, basically an ‘all purpose web guy’.  Over the last 15 years I’ve learned to build e-commerce websites from the ground up, and then promote them with search engine optimization  afterwords. I’m originally from West Linn, Oregon – but settled in Portland with my dogs many years ago.

Portland SEO Consultant - Greg Beddor

Greg Beddor – SEO/Search Engine Optimization Consultant Based in Portland, Oregon. For SEO Services call 503-896-2209 or email:  SEO@GregBeddor.com

I have been obsessed with the internet since 1997, when I got my first internet access, which was a 14400 modem. Since then, I have learned a thing or two about building websites, algorithms, and using SEO methodology to get websites ranked higher in search engines – while still complying with their guidelines. In 1999, I started working professionally for Webfu as an internet marketing specialist, which is what I’m still doing today.

Presently in 2o15 I work with a small group of clients, with some marketing locally in Portland, while others offer their products/services nationally or internationally. For client confidentiality, I’ve decided to not post my portfolio online. Although I do have several references, client projects are utterly confidential.