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Search Engine Marketing

Wondering what our search engine marketing service offers?

We offer on-going monthly SEM services.

Pay Per Click Optimization:

  • Keyword Research
  • Google Adwords
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Return on Investment Tracking (ROI) Consulting
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Monthly SEO Consulting

Social Media SEO:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Re-Targeting
  • Banner Advertising
  • Twitter Ads
  • Linkedin PPC
  • Social Media Foot Print Creation

Local listings

This is essential, especially if you are like most businesses and rely on selling things in the real world as well as over the internet. This is simply making sure that your business has been registered to local directories like OregonLive, Apple Maps, Yelp, Google Maps, Bing and many others. These supply very good links and are helpful when people are searching for your type of business with the name of a town.

Search Engine Indexing

Indexing is making sure that search engines notice your new website, or sometimes even more importantly a subpage in an existing website. There are several techniques to accomplish this, including social bookmarking from sites like Reddit and Twitter. The links from these go to new pages that you want to promote, and since the search engine bots follow links it leads them automatically to your new site or pages.

Submissions to search engines

Like the local listings, this is a nuts and bolts, ground floor part of your SEO operation, and simply involves making sure that you are listed in as many search engines as possible.

Page setup and maintenance

Robots and humans look at websites differently. Humans see only the content, but the search engine bots see a whole host of information that takes place behind the scenes in the internet. If your page is not optimized for search engines to easily see them and be able to scan what is there it can have a negative impact on your website.

Setting your website up with a strong SEO guiding the process can greatly increase the accuracy in which the search bots see and classify a website.

The services listed above have worked very well in the past. They are still very helpful in an overall strategy, but have less importance now than they did. The tactics listed below have been developed and refined in the last years as SEO professionals realized that changes based on quality of content rather than the numbers of links were going to take place, and they are all content related solutions to attaining a high rank in the search engines.

Content creation

All of these new techniques rely on the quality of the content to enable the strategy. The writing is very important, both in scope and language but also in readability and style. The best SEO services are going to be judged by the quality of their writers.

Blog services

Running a blog which links to your other web presences is an excellent way to build a community and gives an excellent opportunity to use relevant links between your sites. SEO services can be contracted to write and post the articles on the blog - you would be surprised how much time this actually takes a business owner to do properly.

Article marketing

This technique has been used for hundreds of years, and works about the same now as it did then. Of course, it is not newspapers that make the most use of this technique anymore (though that still goes on). Sites, like newspapers, live and die on content. In article marketing, an article is written and submitted to article directories. If you own an extermination company for instance, an article on how to look for signs of termites would be written and sent to an article directory, and when someone searched for termite damage, the article would appear somewhere in the search listings. This valuable because of the high value link and direct exposure to clients.

Guest Blogging

This, like article marketing provides a very high quality link, usually in the bio. A post is written that in many cases is not promotional at all, but deals with the expertise of the website who is making the guest post. This will be in the way of advice, or new information or maybe even opinion but it will not be designed as a direct sales piece. The link in the authors bio can lead to the client website or client blog, and anyone who likes the article will (hopefully) follow the link back to the website. This is also a great way to introduce yourself to new groups of potential customers.

All of these services and more make up the platforms that modern SEO's can put into place. A full range of services employed steadily and for the long run, just like in traditional advertising, is the most effective way for a company to build a truly stellar web presence.

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