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Google August 2023 Core Update

On August 22nd, 2023, at 12:39 PM, Google publicly declared the introduction of its latest core algorithm modification.

This follows the prior significant change rolled out in March.

Historically, such updates span approximately a fortnight to fully integrate. It's essential for SEO experts to consistently monitor their SERP standings and organic traffic flow throughout this period.

What's the core update's primary objective?

Consistent with its past endeavors, Google aims to enhance its algorithm's efficiency, ensuring that users are presented with the most pertinent, precise, and current search outcomes.

Importantly, these core algorithmic shifts aren't targeting specific sites or pages.

Thus, SEO experts and website administrators shouldn't fret over manual sanctions or their site being delisted due to non-compliance or spammy practices.

Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that certain sites will experience shifts in SERP rankings post-update.

However, not every site will face negative consequences.

Indeed, this revision could be beneficial for certain quality-rich, relevant sites that might have been underrepresented in past evaluations.

Given the adjustments to Google's search parameters, such previously undervalued sites might witness a commendable uplift in their SERP positioning.

Conversely, sites that once dominated the SERPs might now see a decline.

Stay connected to garner comprehensive insights about Google's fresh core adjustment.

Google's 2023 Algorithm Changes Recap

So far in 2023, two core algorithmic shifts have been introduced: the current one and its predecessor from March.

Additionally, two review-centric updates emerged, one in April and a significant product review adjustment in February, concluding by March 7th.

Before 2023, the most recent noteworthy core adjustment occurred in September 2022, which had a comparatively milder impact.

Post Google's August 2023 announcement, the SEO community, especially on platform X, was abuzz with discussions and speculations. Many SEO experts and website owners await the outcome with bated breath, some even optimistic about potential benefits.

Though the official declaration came on August 22nd, certain indicators suggest earlier shifts. Some SEO enthusiasts believe early signs emerged several days in advance, with potential traffic downturns 5-7 days ahead of the official announcement. This hints at the possibility of Google discreetly starting the update process ahead of the announced date.

The entire rollout is anticipated to last a couple of weeks. Google will eventually update its ranking chronology page post-completion.

Until then, it's crucial for SEO companies and web administrators to stay vigilant, observing SERP standings and traffic metrics.

It's worth noting that many sites could remain untouched by this update, so a calm, observational approach is recommended.

What Does a Shift in Site Rankings Imply?

In the vast realm of Google's algorithmic changes, a decline in rankings following a core update doesn't necessarily point to inherent flaws or shortcomings with your site, a fact that SEO specialists often emphasize.

Remember, previously undervalued sites with high relevance to user searches might find themselves rising in the ranks, potentially pushing others down in the process.

If your site is surpassed by another, it's often a nod to the latter's superior content quality and relevance.

This isn't an indication that SEO specialists identified your site as guilty of link or keyword spam, or that it's plagued with technical issues such as crawl errors, duplicate content, or problematic noindex tags.

Worries about your URL, site architecture, or internal linking dynamics shouldn't be immediate concerns either.

The focal point should be on ameliorating the richness, relevance, and authority of your content.

SEO specialists often advocate for the significance of the E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness) principle in content.

In December 2022, the inclusion of an additional 'E' for 'experience' to the Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines brought more depth to this acronym, making it E-E-A-T.

This adjustment signifies that Google's raters are now more inclined towards content reflecting firsthand experiences, such as tangible evidence of product usage in reviews.

Given that these quality raters play a pivotal role in defining what constitutes a high-quality website, it's clear that the E-E-A-T framework will have a profound influence post the recent core update. Implementing this tenet in your content approach is paramount.

Google’s Guidance for Site Revival: A Cue for SEO Specialists

If the core update throws your website's performance off-balance, Google offers a list of reflective questions to guide your content enhancement journey.

Remember, a dip in performance post-core update doesn’t necessarily signify an inherent flaw with your content. SEO specialists often advise clients not to panic but to understand the nature of these updates.

Consider Google’s analogy to elucidate the essence of core updates:

"Envision curating a list of the top 100 films in 2021. Now, when revisiting that list in 2023, certain changes are expected."

Just as cinematic landscapes evolve with each passing year, the vast expanse of the internet sees an influx of exceptional content. Google’s periodic core updates can be likened to revamping a 'best films' list to align with contemporary relevance.

To recoup potential drops in SERP standings, Google presents the following considerations, designed to sharpen content quality. Remember, top-tier content that aligns seamlessly with user intent stands tall in the eyes of their algorithms.

A) Have you infused your content with unique research, perspectives, or analyses?

B) Does your content delve deeply into the subject matter, transcending superficial layers?

C) When referencing external sources, does your content merely replicate them, or does it infuse a touch of originality and added worth?

D) Does your headline aptly encapsulate the essence of the underlying content?

E) Have you sidestepped the allure of sensationalist ‘click-bait’ titles?

F) Is your content of a caliber that you'd proudly disseminate across social platforms?

G) Tackling these queries head-on, as many SEO specialists would concur, illuminates potential areas of refinement, setting the stage for improved SERP prominence.

Tackling these queries head-on, as many SEO specialists would concur, illuminates potential areas of refinement, setting the stage for improved SERP prominence.

Final Thoughts: Google’s August 2023 Core Update

Google’s new core update will continue to roll out for the next few weeks and should conclude some time in early September.

It’s up in the air whether your site will be affected by the update, and the impact won’t always be a bad thing.

Should your site see a dip in SERP rankings, it’s not a sign that you’ve done anything wrong. The best course of action is to do what you can to improve the quality and relevancy of your content and then move on.

Do you need help forming a winning SEO strategy for your business that can withstand Google updates? Give us a call or email today, our SEO/SEM Consultants have a proven track record of assisting websites in need of search engine ranking recovery.

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