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Quality, not quantity is our rule when it comes to link building for the companies we represent. Our SEO linking process is unique, and one thing that makes us different (compared to other SEO Companies) is that we use a tactical, proven and creative approach to link building.

Over the course of your SEO campaign, we can show you how the new inbound links we acquire for your website become an excellent source of long term targeted traffic. These new inbound links that our Portland SEO consultants create for your site will help raise your organic search engine rankings in all search engines including Bing, Google and Yahoo.

It doesn't happen overnight but with steady search engine optimization work on a regular basis, we usually see first page results in 3 to 5 months. Highly competitive keyword phrases tend to take a few more months of SEO beyond the 6th-month mark.

Creating new inbound links to your website through traditional link building, blog posts, social media websites, press releases, and targeted directory submissions are all simple yet very efficient tools for promoting any website on the internet.

Increasing your link popularity helps with:

Up front, it's important to keep in mind that SEO and link-building take time. Whether it's for online reputation management or search engine ranking it takes a good link-building manager who understands the right and the wrong type of links to target for a link-building campaign.

This is one reason why most online businesses hire a SEO company to help with the link-building process and search engine optimization for their websites.

What Our SEO Specialists Do for You Every Month


(Example illustration for a 5 to 10 month expert SEO link building campaign)

Bottom Line: Link building is time-consuming, tricky, and can be frustrating at times. More importantly it's a good idea to have an experienced SEO specialist / link builder handle  your online reputation instead of handing it over to someone that doesn't have your long term image in mind.

If you're interested in seeing a sample of our current search engine rankings or have any questions about building links for your website, let us know!


Advanced Link Building Techniques by Our Portland Oregon SEO Experts

Advanced Link Building Tactics by Our Oregon SEO Experts

In the dynamic field of search engine optimization (SEO), link building holds a prominent position, recognized for its pivotal role in amplifying online visibility and driving organic traffic.

As search engines introduce intricate algorithms and users become more discerning in their digital interactions, the strategies and tactics behind link-building are adapting to these shifts.

The days of simply amassing a large number of links are being overshadowed by a more deliberate and nuanced approach. Today's SEO experts prioritize the creation of genuine, high-quality connections, understanding that these links not only enhance a website's authority but also foster trust and credibility among its audience.

This move towards quality, authenticity, and relevance marks a significant evolution in SEO practices.

Join us as we delve deeper into these advanced link-building techniques, offering insights into methods that emphasize the enduring importance of quality, context, and genuine engagement over the traditional pursuit of sheer quantity.

Content Marketing and Linkable Assets: Instead of just producing content, the focus is on creating high-quality, authoritative pieces that naturally attract links. These could be in-depth industry reports, infographics, interactive content, or original research.

Influencer Outreach: Engaging with key influencers in your industry can lead to organic link growth. This doesn't mean directly asking for links but building genuine relationships that could lead to collaborative content projects, mentions, or natural link placements.

Broken Link Building: This involves finding links on other websites that no longer work, reaching out to the website owner, and suggesting your content as a replacement. It's beneficial because you're helping the website owner fix a problem.

Guestographics: An advanced form of guest posting, where you create a high-quality infographic and offer it to other websites in exchange for a link back to your site.

Skyscraper Technique: Coined by SEO Expert Brian Dean of Backlinko, this method involves finding popular content in your industry, creating something even better, and then reaching out to those who linked to the original content to link to your enhanced version.

Unlinked Mentions: Using tools to find where your brand or content is mentioned but not linked to, and then reaching out to request a link.

Roundups and Expert Opinions: Pitching your content or products to bloggers and editors who run "roundup" posts or seeking out opportunities to provide expert opinions that result in a link back.

Resource Page Link Building: This involves finding resource pages related to your niche and reaching out to be included as a valuable resource.

Niche-specific Link Building: Rather than just directory submissions, focus on niche-specific directories or industry associations which might be more relevant and authoritative.

Community Engagement: Actively participating in niche communities, forums, or social groups can sometimes provide opportunities for genuine link placements, as long as it's done authentically and not just for the sake of a link.

Testimonials and Reviews: Offering to write testimonials for products or services you use can sometimes include a link back to your site.

Using Advanced Search Operators: Leveraging advanced search commands on Google can help you uncover unique link-building opportunities tailored to your niche or industry.

Internal Link Optimization: While it's not exactly 'building' new links, having an SEO expert optimize your site's internal link structure can make a massive difference in how search engines view the importance and relevance of your pages.

As the digital landscape becomes increasingly competitive, the importance of implementing strategic, high-quality link building and SEO practices cannot be overstated. Harnessing the power of advanced techniques can be the difference between being seen and being overlooked.

Our team's expertise in these areas ensures not only visibility but also credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of your audience. Don't leave your digital presence to chance. Secure your brand's position at the forefront of your industry by partnering with us.

Reach out today, and let's chart a course for your online success. Elevate your brand's digital footprint with our unparalleled link-building and SEO services.

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